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Making Work Matter Through Automation

Making Work Matter Through Automation

As the great resignation reached its peak it started to become evident that workers have been increasingly frustrated with their jobs. We recognize that there are several factors that go into why someone might leave a role, but we have seen a common theme across the board. Workers today are often spending most of their time on the mundane or repetitive work that is not what they signed up for. Systems and advancements in technology were supposed to make our lives more efficient. In 1920, economist John Maynard Keys predicted that we would be working a 15-hour work week, thanks to the productivity gains brought by new technologies. Technology has made us more effective, but we have filled that time with additional work. According to a recent study only 40% of the work we do today is considered a primary task. There is a large opportunity to increase that percentage to get back to the work that matters.

We can use digital process automation technologies to eliminate the repetitive and routine tasks that take up so much time. Automation leads to more meaningful work. Robotic process automation automates repeatable business processes. These are typically processes that businesses still rely on people to complete. With RPA, business can train robots to take the burden of these proceses of the people they employ. RPA can mimic virtually any actions that human users perform. Through automation we can begin to rework work to make it more meaningful and enjoyable for everyone.

Josh Mullins
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