Process Automation

Process Automation is designed to remove bottlenecks, reduce errors and loss of data, all while increasing transparency, communication across departments, and speed of processing. Process automation streamlines a system by removing human inputs, which decreases errors, increases speed of delivery, boosts quality, minimizes costs, and simplifies the business process. It incorporates software tools, people, and processes to create a completely automated workflow.

Process Mining

What if you could see how each and every transaction in your organization is processed? How much could you learn by seeing all possible events unfold on a stage before your eyes, from first click to approval — or rejection — of an order? This is the future of business optimization, and it’s called Process Mining. We utilize a variety of industry leading technologies like Celonis and Power Automate Task mining to get a birds eye view of processes within your business.

Digital Process Automation

Digital process automation (DPA) is a strategic approach to digital transformation that optimizes the entire life cycle of processes for better speed, higher engagement and immediate results. DPA extends beyond business process management (BPM), providing visibility into both structured and unstructured data, bringing together people, applications, devices and information across an organization to drive deep digital transformation. We use tools like UiPath and Microsoft power automate to build robots that mimic human interactions on a computer. These robots can do work more efficiently and with less errors freeing up time for more value added work.

Native Integrations

You can stop worrying about expensive maintenance costs or having to alter workflows and automation solutions. With native integrations, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we can work with all APIs and many different systems. Plus, you’ll have a team of experts working diligently for your organization to get things back up and running again in no time.

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