Managed Support

Internally supporting and creating digital infrastructure and automation projects can be time consuming and expensive. Rely on our managed center of excellence to manage your automation programs and related infrastructure.

Automation Center of Excellence

A flexible suite of managed support services.

From the beginning we knew that automation design and implementation would only be as successful as the team supporting it. Our managed support services through our automation center of excellence grow digital process automations without people overhead.

Expert Resources

We are here to support you on your journey post implementation of digital process automation. Through our robust partner network and team of experts we are able to provide the latest on automation advancements and best practices.

Priority Service

We have all been in a spot where we wish we could pick up the phone or chat with support right away. Unfortunately, many companies decided to make cuts in the service departments, not us though. Our center of excellence is here for you when you need help or need to update an automated process.

Optimization Monitoring

Digital process automation technology is constantly evolving. Our center excellence looks for opportunities to improve your automation projects post-implementation, so they remain robust for years to come.

Development Training

A key step on your digital process automation journey is giving stakeholders access to development tools like Microsoft Power Automate or UiPath Studio X. Our team of experts are excited to train stakeholders within your company. Our trainings are based on industry best practices and aligned with your company's automation strategy.

Deployment Support

Rely on our team as you get ready to go live with your automation projects. Our support services are flexible and tailored to your needs. We offer services such as dedicated ad-hoc support and continuous monitoring to investigate errors.

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